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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Always a pleasant drive to work

There are so many different ways for somebody to travel to work. There's the train, the bus, subway, taxi, bicycle, skateboard... I'm sure some even sail or fly to work.

But there's one thing a shift worker can usually count on, and that is a peaceful and traffic-free commute to work.

When I'm heading into the city, driving in my little red car, I see all the (lucky) day shift people on the other side of the highway, crawling along, bumper to bumper, sometimes waiting an hour just to travel a meagre few kilometers. I confess that I sometimes smile when I see how empty and freely open the lanes are ahead of me.

I enjoy listening to music in my car as I travel to work. In some ways, it actually helps me prepare for my upcoming shift. I have my private collection of songs, which I consider precious. Most of the time I have the local classic rock radio station playing Q-107. I like the idea of listening to the same song that others on the road are listening to, because,  I know that inside a lot of those cars I see, someone else is enjoying the music just as much as I am.

The ride home is also very peaceful. I like night driving because when I see a radar trap on the opposite side of the highway, there's always the option to flash your high-beam lights to warn others of the ( ahem) danger ahead. If your one of those who flashes warnings to the cars on the other side, I'd like to take this opportunity to say... hey, thanks. Even if you're not a shift zombie, you're still cool in my books.

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