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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Great Zombie Sandwiches !!

What to eat for lunch ? Lunch is a concept. A lot of people I know, when having their lunch at work, would just walk down the street to their fave place, and order a large ( whatever ). For us zombies, no such luck. Everything is closed except for maybe the donut shops, and  eeck... the golden M.. So, what is a zombie to do? I've found that packing a lunch for myself  keeps me healthier, richer, and more satisfied. I've come to love tortillia wraps, and, in my opinion, I'm quite good at making a GOOD WRAP
I've recently discovered, that with patience, I can make my own tortillia wraps.
The rolling pins were easy to make ( just some select dowelling from a lumber store and a coating of mineral oil ). I'll be giving out most of them to my friends and relatives. Anyway time to wrap this post up ( I know I know, sorry )

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