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Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's just one of those holidays I really enjoy. Halloween has so much ancient tradition wrapped up and hidden inside it, and I could make an entire blog just about Halloween I'm sure.

I've gone to great lengths to research this strange event, throughout my life time. I'm sure I know more about this tradition than most Canadians do.

I've visited places most people I know would never go to.

 I've read books about it from stores that most people don't even know exist ( just ask me to view my private library one day ).

 I was thinking that externally, Halloween is just for kids, and, if you look no deeper than the candy collecting and the costumes, you will grow to become an adult who believes this also.

Alternatively, if you look deeper into the heritage, history, and ancient traditions of Europeans, you may find that Halloween  is not for kids, and, is in fact for a community of adults, striving to survive, and honoring those who came before them.

Zombies usually miss Halloween, we're at work while you collect the candy, we're at work while you see all the spooky costumes. In fact, unless it's one of those years when Halloween falls on a week-end, or, one of your days off, the only thing a zombie sees on Halloween night is empty streets, and empty candy wrappers scattered about by the autumn winds.

But in some ways, this is  when the real Halloween is taking place.

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