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Saturday, 1 October 2011

upon waking

What else does a shift zombie stumble about looking for when first awaking but a hot cup of coffee?
 If you're  also a shift worker, you may or may not agree that coffee is the only thing that can keep you going sometimes. I've tried substitutes, but there is nothing better than a coffee to get that
zombie- metabolism jump started.

In fact, I've had so much coffee in my lifetime, that it has caused health problems.
So, unless I want to be in horrific pain from heartburn, I have to limit my intake of delicious coffee.

That's why I drink half-calf instant coffee upon waking.

Oh, don't worry, the real coffee comes later in the morning at my favorite Tim Hortons location, just before I start my shift.

Note* black tea is the next best thing to coffee, and I find it easier on my heart-burn !
I would normally drink tea on a special day off, because it takes me a very tiny amount of time more to prepare as compared to the time it takes me to make a cup of instant coffee.

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