Sunday, 5 August 2012

Zombie Soup

Wine is wonderful

It comes to us in so many different types of bottles, some with the most beautiful
labels, that would surely inspire the greatest of artists to return to the easel.
Are there are so many variations available to us. Its flavor has hints of this and that,
spiced, herbed and so on.
And wine isn't limited to the simple grape.  Although grapes themselves are so varied aren't
they?  The taste of a grape relies on soil chemistry, temperature, and so many other
things.  Have you ever heard of strawberry wine ? Blueberry wine ?  And as I said before,
wine is wonderful, but not solely the alcoholic beverage to choose from.  There's peach
schnapps, cherry brandy, apricot brandy.  Now, do you see a trend here?  What I see is
alcoholic beverages being made almost entirely using fruits.

Fruits are wonderful

Oh I love a ripe banana, but, what about watermelon on a July day? Some delicious
pineapple, or, a juicy pear.  I'd have to say that, in general, the fruits that we
have decided to cultivate for food are sweet and delicious.  Not a bad ingredient to
use as a base for alcohol production.

Science is wonderful

This year, in 2012, we will be sending a huge robot to the planet Mars. We have discovered
a particle which explains why our universe expands. We can perform transplants to save
human lives.  But there's one particular area of science, which for some reason, defies logic,
has conflicting naming systems, and, in some cases, has systems that only certain countries
recognize. The science I refer to is Botany.

Italy is wonderful

Volcanoes, huge works of wondrous art. Italy has such a rich history, one could
ramble for hours of its splendor, including its people. There's one thing that Italy
has been doing well for centuries, and, still is, which is making wine. Now I know
that France and Germany also have a great history of wine making, but when It comes
to making wine I feel that Italy is a world leader.

Which brings us back to fruits.

Has anyone ever tried to convince you that a tomato is a fruit?
According to Botany, a tomato is a fruit only because it has seeds.
But so does a cucumber.  This brings us to our final conclusion.

I can prove to you that a tomato is a vegetable, not a fruit, based on
centuries of science, experimentation, and generations of professional
knowledge. My proof isn't something I can show you in a laboratory, but
it's more like an absence of something that will change your mind forever
about whether a tomato is a fruit or a vegetable.

It's something so simple that I'm surprised the botanical community
hasn't jumped on the wagon as well. My proof is that there is no tomato
wine.  None.  In fact, not only is there no tomato wine, there is also no
tomato brandy, or sherry. In fact, nobody makes alcohol from tomatoes, and
sells it in the stores for people to drink, because, the tomato is a vegetable
not a fruit.  If the tomato was a fruit, the great wine makers of the world
would be making tomato wine. Think about how many Italian dishes contain
tomato’s as ingredients.  Don't you think that the tomato, not the grape
would be the main ingredient in making wine ? Well, it never was, and that's

because way back when, everybody agreed on one simple truth.

 A tomato is a vegetable.